Ways To Give


Every gift to City Light Academy is appreciated and will make a difference in the lives of our students. The following are a variety of ways to give to our school.

1. Tuition Assistance Fund—Because our community consists of students from various socioeconomic backgrounds, Grace Academy has a Tuition Assistance Fund to provide a quality Christian education to families which would not otherwise be able to afford to pay tuition in full. Therefore our school allocates part of its resources to families which demonstrate financial need.
According to IRS regulations, direct gifts to individuals are not tax-deductible whereas gifts to the school’s Tuition Assistance Fund are tax-deductible. This is true on the condition that gifts are made to meet the needs of any family that needs financial assistance to enroll their child at Grace Academy.

2. Undesignated Gifts—Grace Academy welcomes Undesignated gifts as well. Such gifts represent donors who have not requested that the money given be usd for any specific purpose nor have donors given any guidelines or restrictions for its use. Rather, the donor has given GA permission to use the funds wherever they are most needed. This enables GA to meet pressing needs and fund special projects which may arise during the fiscal year.

3. Matching Gifts—Many companies offer a Matching Gift Program made to support education. In fact, some employers will even match their employees’ donation dollar for dollar!

The Human Resource Department has the information as to whether your company participates in matching gifts. Such a Matching Gifts Program is a great opportunity to double or triple the size of your gift to Grace Academy.

4. Volunteer Grants—Those parents and friends of Grace Academy who are interested to volunteer service to support our school program need to know that if you volunteer at GA, or are interested in volunteering in some capacity, you can find out if your employer offers a Volunteer Grant program. If so, all you have to do is to sign up and fill out some simple paperwork which makes it possible for GA to receive a donation in recognition of your efforts. Because many of these programs are annual, all that is necessary is to complete the paperwork each year. This makes it possible for GA to receive an annual contribution.

 5. United Way—Because Grace Academy is on file with United Way, if your company sponsors a United Way Workplace Campaign, you can designate your campaign gift to Grace Academy. This is possible by getting a copy of a United Way Pledge Card and put your name, contact information, and the amount that you would like to donate to the United Way. Below that, there is an option to designate your gift to the charity of your choice. The only requirement is that the charity be a 501 (c) (3) “non-profit” organization, which Grace Academy is. The sentence says something to the effect of:

Please send $____ of my gift to the organization listed below:

You can designate part or all of your total United Way gift to Grace Academy using the following information:

City Light Academy
Stamford, CT – EIN

If contact name, phone number, or email address may be required, please use the following:


6. Anonymous Gifts
The United Way pledge card will offer you the option of being an anonymous donor. By checking this box, the United Way will send Grace Academy your gift but will not indicate to GA that it is from you. While we respect whatever your preference is, if donors are “anonymous” in the United Way system, there is no way for GA to confirm for you that the money you designated has been received. This is the case because your name would not be included or referenced on any check or report that GA receives from United Way for your donation. Just like any other contribution made to GA, your gift to the school will be confidential.

Receipt for the Gift
The United Way should send you a receipt for any gift that you give the United Way for tax purposes. However, when Grace Academy receives United Way gifts and are given the donor name, we do send a note to the donor to let them know that their gift, including the exact amount, has been received.